We don’t deal with foods but we believe that many good stories, like good parties, are told in the kitchen, among friends.

When brands meet people, new stories come to life. Authentic stories, teeming with life, beauty and emotions with a thought behind it and a precise aim ahead of it.

We collaborate with a pool of diverse talent who, like us, are obsessed with quality in order to deliver effective solutions.

Benedetto Luca Lo Presti

Degree in Bocconi, 25 years in advertising, CEO (2006-2010) of D’Adda, Lorenzini, Vigorelli, BBDO (now DLVBBDO), I have been involved in developing innovative ideas and strategies for brands. I edited the first
Italian edition of “Disruption” by J.Marie Dru, a way of thinking and a method to break conventions and build new competitive strategies.
I therefore collaborated with Architects of Group Genius and specialized in consulting for Brands dealing with challenges such as change, innovation and leadership.
I joined the Ars et Inventio network (BIP Group) and I participated as an advisor and coach in workshops dedicated to Exponential Organizations.

Marta Cavenaghi

Degree from Academy of Fine Arts in Milan and a master’s degree in space design, I began to work as creative designer for luxury brand fashion shows and events with the production director Sergio Salerni.
After an experience in US as an art director, I entered the business of creative consulting.
Thanks to the collaboration with brands such as Valentino, Gianfranco Ferrè and Dolce & Gabbana, I got in touch with different disciplines, like sensitivity for the image, taste for beauty and the ability to design a space and the experiences related to it.
What’s more, I learned that the intertwining of knowledge and experimentation is at base of good designing. That was particularly true at Dolce&Gabbana where I was in charge of the artistic direction and concept for stores, events, fashion shows, window campaigns, showrooms and special projects within retail.